Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Knot Brand Ambassador Profile: Ellie Panther Place

Each week we get emails from people across the country who want to be a part of the Knot Belt Co. team.  While we aren't hiring full time employees just yet, becoming a brand ambassador is the first step  to get your foot in the door.  The people you'll read about here have gone the extra mile and realize what Knot is about and what it is like to be a Knothead.Each week we'll be profiling our top brand ambassadors for everyone to see. 

Name: Ellie Panther Place
School: College of Charleston
Studying: Finance and Accounting

Why are you a Knot Belt Co. brand ambassador/how did you become one?

I'm pretty sure I was tricked into doing this.  Never looked back.

Whats on your ipod/what are you listening to?

Lumineers, Marshall Tucker Band, Van Morrison, Avett Brothers and Nirvana

One awkward moment that was caused by epic knottyness:

That time at the Knot Rooftop Drop party when everyone had about 15 John Dalys, resulting in my friend Kels and I abusing a bachelor party.  We rang up their bar tab pretty good.  Another time, you (meaning Nick) and friend Jon-Mark were spotted riding around a tandem bike and crashed it in front of our house, aptly named Pittbull, while we all were drinking champagne on the porch at around 3am.  Not so much awkward as extreme knottyness.

If you could have front row tickets to any sporting event, what would it be?
Let's pretend I can time travel- 1994 Andre Agassi at the US open OR 1980 Olympic Hockey Olympics.

Shout out to a friend…(friends):
Don Post of Mozzo's Deli or the bartenders at Fuel for hooking us up with endless pitchers midday after some tennis.

Any hidden talents?
Teleporting, cake baking

Favorite outdoor socializing activity:
Budweiser Wiffleball

What product do you want Knot to come out with next?
Long-sleeve tees and hoodless sweatshirts

Shout out to the Pittbull crew.  #stayknotty

If you want to become a brand ambassador on your campus, please email "lifestyle@knotclothing.com" with a bit about yourself, a resume and why you would be a good addition to the Knot Belt Co. crew.  Extra points for pics, videos and epic music playlists.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BroBible + Country Club Prep Outfit Giveaway

Want to win an entire outfit that includes some of your favorite brands?  The epic knottyness of BroBible and the wit and charm of Country Club Prep are bringing you just that.  Click on the link below, cross your legs and grab a cold one...this contest is worth the wait.

Outfit includes: 

1. Sandals by Havaianas,

2. Shorts by Jack Donnelly, 

3. BYOB belt by Knot Belt Co., 

4. White 4-button polo by Johnnie-O, 

5. Blue seersucker croakies by Tugs, 

6. Navy sunglasses by Country Club Prep, and

7. Khaki seersucker Frat Hat by Southern Proper. 

Winner announced on Thursday, August 2, 2012.  MUST be a fan to enter!