Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Look Back in The South

Carolina Cup

When I heard all the buzz about Knot below the Mason Dixon line, it made me realize that Knot is expanding to warmer climates and breaking through to the true haberdashery scene now more than ever.  While I love New England and the birthplace of prep culture, there is something about the south that cannot be matched; both in style and way of life.  A pressed shirt, blazer and shorts on a Tuesday.  A sundress, hat and shades at a tailgate on a Saturday.  A cocktail with koozie in hand, in everyone's hand, around five o'clock no matter what day.  And don't forget that the sun is always shining. 

Race Day!

Outside Chattanooga

The Route

With that in mind, shortly after Thanksgiving I set out to cruise the south and explore the culture I missed so much when visiting friends during my college days.  I knew things were a bit different but really wanted to discover southern prep culture and what it stood for.  What I found, off the beaten paths in the towns that are the backbone of this country, were all around amazing people.

The Big Burn (special shout out to The Hangers & KCR)

Our bros from State Traditions rocking Knot hats

Hotty Toddy

Store owners would not only take time to look at what Knot had to offer, but also tell you about their recent hunting trip and serve you a snack in the back stock room.  The founders of brands I have followed since their start offered up information and tips over lunch or drinks.  Respectable bloggers and journalists in the know set up cocktail hour after cocktail hour, no matter how last minute I contacted them.  And of course, I couch surfed, apartment crashed and interrupted the everyday flow of my friends lives and friends of friends lives when I needed a place to stay.

Nashville music, and fried chicken, cannot be beat.  The nightlife in New Orleans complimented the drinks more than one can tell.  Christmas in the Gulf was so much fun that I ended up staying for ten days.  And, once I hit Savannah on my way back north I knew I couldn't leave just yet.  So, in Charleston I decided to sublet an apartment and stay there for three months.  Cougar nation and lowcountry natives took me in and each day was just as inspiring and fun as the last.  How could it not be inspiring with warm weather, beautiful people and the amazing history and sense of fashion? Putting a dent in the South, no matter how big or small that dent was, made me truly look at everything Knot has done thus far and smile.

Charleston Shoot

Rooftop Drop Event


Tossing out some swag

The MG

Gulfport w Chew & Buckley

Rowan Oak


I could go on about each town I visited and every person met at an oyster roast, but I'll spare you the time.  Just know that I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone along the way and everyone propelling Knot into the future.  Y'all know who you are and I couldn't have done it or continue to do it without you.  Knot is bigger and better than every so look out for some awesome new stuff this summer!

- Nick