Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exclusive Retailer: The Fine Swine | Kensington, MD

Skull & Crossbones belt paired with Castaway Clothing

As Knot grows, we are beginning our journey from online webstore only, to boutiques and retailers across the country.  With many fan suggestions we have been able to build quite the list of shops located in favorite towns from Kennebunkport, ME to Oxford, MS and beyond.  On a recent trip to Washington, DC, Caitlin and I had the opportunity to stop into one of our favorite stores, The Fine Swine.

The Fine Swine

Its obvious that owner John Hickman has his finger on the pulse of what is going on in the haberdashery world.  When we arrived, John was outside in an Adirondack chair puffing on a fine cigar and reading a magazine.  With a popped collar and khakis, it was a great scene that I'm sure the people of Kensington see on a daily.  Upon entering the store you are welcomed by his staff, we met a prepped-up Thomas, and immediately taken back by the wide selection of goods.

One of the many pig attributes found around the store

Headed to the beach?  How about the swimwear section.  Hunting?  He's got tweed and Barbour.  Tailgating?  A Tervis tumbler will keep that cocktail cold.  On top of the wonderful brands at The Fine Swine, we found ourselves engulfed with pieces of John's personal art collection of Old English fox hunting scenes, swine related table pieces, vintage books and just really cool antique things you would expect to find behind glass at your country or racquet club rather than on display at a store.

The Fox's Frolic, a wonderfully illustrated and fun book for all ages

We could have stayed there all afternoon and if the basement men's lounge and kegerator were finished, I'm sure we would have.  So if you find yourself cruising through Maryland and need to pick up a new outfit with a Knot belt to match, definitely stop into The Fine Swine.  Tell John we sent you!

Caitlin, John and Nick

Stay Knotty -


Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer This - 2011 Playlist

Thanks to all who sent in their favorite summer tracks!  Congrats to Tyler Marrin, Kelley Mcdonough, Scott Benowicz, Erin A. Simon and Michael Singletary for winning $15 Knot gift cards.  Your songs were just what we needed to make this an awesome playlist!  Click the player above to listen and Get Knotty!

- Nick

Monday, May 2, 2011

Knot Clothing & Belt Co. Summer Tour 2011

Anyone ready for summer??  I thought so.  Below are a few places we'll be popping up and cruising around throughout the summer.  If you see the Knot Mobile on the road, give us a wave, snap a pic and tweet it to us @KnotBeltCo on Twitter to get a special summertime discount.  And don't forget your party hats because its going to be a Knotty summer!

Knot Pint Glass (coming soon) + Knotty G's = Summertime

May 6:  Knot Cruisin' - Greenwich, CT

May 7:  Pop In at The Fine Swine, Kensington, MD

May 8:  Knot Cruisin' - Washington, DC

May 27 - 30:  Figawi Race Weekend - Nantucket, MA

Officially Licensed Gosling's Black Seal D-Ring (Avail. May 18th)

June 2:  Knot Cruisin' - Saratoga, NY

June 3 - 5:  St. Lawrence University - Canton, MA

June 6 - 9: Knot Cruisin' - Canandaigua, Naples, Pittsford & Brighton, NY

June 10 - 12:  Harpoon Brewery + Knot Belt Co. Squash Tourney, Tennis & Racquet Club - Boston, MA

June 18:  Jimmy Buffet Concert - Mansfield, MA

June 21:  Big Brothers Big Sisters Golf Tourney, Sandy Burr Country Club - Wayland, MA

June 24 - 26:  Knot Cruisin' - Falmouth, MA

July 1 - 9:  KNOTUCKET - Nantucket, MA


More dates and events to come!

- Nick