Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Positive Is How I Live

Its sort of funny how in my last post I said "we love New England weather and everything that comes with it."  A couple of weeks of sunshine, rum drinks and sailing made me realize I left out the "except winter" jab in that sentence.  When we left St. John it was sunny and around 80 degrees.  Upon touch down in Boston it was 11 degrees and according to the cab driver, "You very lucky! Make home with no snow problem!"  Very lucky indeed...

Amidst the beautiful beaches, rum and fun, and views from our house overlooking the islands as far as I could see, it all became pretty clear.  Live life to the fullest and each day will be big and beautiful.

Beyond Tomorrow

Sun come up, time to shine
Fill that cup, rum time
High in sky, time to dine
Big white plate, fish and lime

Sun go set, watch and smile
Pink, orange, blue linger for a while
Behind the islands, down a mile
Such a good day, don't want it to end - denial

Moon come up, see it glow
What in my cup, nobody know
Overhead, tiny breezes blow
Big bowl before bed, chef says eat slow

Sun come up, watch band play
Fill that cup, mind soiree
High in sky, sail on ocean waves
Big smile on face, big beautiful day

Sun go set, day erase
Wispy clouds, purples fill space
Behind the palms, shadow on my face
Warm afternoon, this is the place

Moon come up, day now night
Eyes adjust, lizards by moonlight
Big Dipper so close, equator sight
Stay beyond tomorrow, I think I might

                                               - Nick