Monday, December 20, 2010

Home for the Holidays - Winter Playlist 2010

It's been a crazy past few weeks here at Knot.  We've been processing tons of orders and stuffing each package with holiday love, cheer and some fantastic looking belts.  Believe it or Knot, we too are stepping away from the office here in Boston and heading home for Christmas.  If you're doing the same and meeting up with friends and family back home, be sure to check out this mix of techno remixes and electronic jams.  They will definitely get you through all of those delays at the airport and heavy, snowy traffic.  I'd like to give a shout out to my boy Doug over at Fresh New Tracks where I got a lot of these songs.  Enjoy and safe travels!

'Tis the Season to be Knotty

- Nick

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knotty or Nice 2010

Last year we had our first ever "Knotty or Nice" Christmas party.  While our brand was still making a name for itself, about 160 people turned out for the event at a local bar we had rented out.  This year, the Knotty word got out big time and over 260 people bought tickets in advance for a complete sellout.  People were trying to get tickets on Craigslist!  The new venue was a huge loft space where we previously held our official launch party, "Spring for Knot."  Avion tequila flowed, cocktails were a plenty and although the speakers blew out an hour into the party, everyone was still getting crazy on the back dance floor.  Here are a few pictures to recap the night...'tis the season to be Knotty....

Don't forget to use code "XMAS2010" online at checkout to get 20% off your Christmas orders!  Have a safe and Happy Holiday everyone!  Get Knotty!

- Nick

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Memories of our first Holiday Market

Our display on day three

Our first official trade show was around this time last year at the Downtown Crossing Holiday Market in Boston.  The setting was a long white tent with about 30 different vendors inside.  There were artisan jewelers, Swiss chocolatiers, farm market stands and plenty of good food.  Everyone had their own setup and on one side of us was a farm market stand complete with hot cider and on the other side was a master baker.  A fresh pastry in the morning and a cup of cider in the afternoon was routine all week long.

Holiday Market tent with the original Filene's Basement clock overhead

A look down vendors row from our display
Every morning I loaded up the car with our belts, display gear and the Knot banner.  I also brought a mannequin to give our display some substance.  I named him Tom, after my older brother, and dressed him in a golf shirt, red pants, belt and a Santa hat which I think he enjoyed.  After plugging in the Christmas lights and setting up the rest of our display, it was go time.

Temperatures started out in the teens and worked their way up to the mid-twenties.  Being outside all day long in the freezing cold wasn't the perfect summertime vibe our Knot lifestyle was modeled after, but we smiled and chatted it up with customers as if we were on Nobadeer in Nantucket.  In fact, that previously mentioned hot cider, spiked with a little whiskey, made the beach feel like it was only steps away.

The first day we didn't sell a single belt.  The next day, we sold two.  From there we began to have a steady increase in sales and it wasn't so bad standing in the cold for close to eight hours a day.  I won't lie, the whiskey helped, and it was great to see people become acquainted with our new product!  To get the Knot name out there and meet some incredible people who had an appreciation for our American made products was what it was all about.  It was also awesome to meet all of the different vendors and hear their stories of trade shows gone wrong and offer us tips from their own experiences.  No matter what you were selling at your stand, someone was always there to help you out or lend a hand.  We were all one big freezing cold family under that tent.  As the week went on and our happy hour started earlier each day, I didn't want to be anywhere else.  A few of our friends would even pop over after work for a hot cider before they got their nights started.  Very Knotty indeed.

Wine box of Knot belts

Caitlin giving Tom a hug

Original Knot Belt

All Knot belts & ribbon accessories are Made in the USA

Tom guarding the door on day one (about 20 degrees all day)
While we're not going to be at the Holiday Market this year, I'll definitely be thinking of all of the wonderful people that made our first official trade show one to remember.  Get Knotty everyone and be sure to use code "XMAS2010" at checkout online to get 20% off of your final order.  Have a great Holiday Season!

- Nick