Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekapaug Groovin'

Just south of Boston lies the amazing beach community of Weekapaug, RI.  When I say beach community, don't picture hordes of people getting off a ferry onto an island or long lines of people outside of boutiques and jewelry stores all waiting to get their shopping in before heading back to their respective cities.  Instead, picture families strolling down sand paths to grab gear out of their Bermudaesque beach-boxes and college grads reuniting with old friends on a front porch that overlooks the ocean.  Almost everyone that drives or bikes by raises a hand to give a wave.

I was lucky enough to be a guest at a friend's house that was nothing short of...well, fun!  Great hospitality is also part of this groove here in Weekapaug.  Mid-morning, friends would arrive, or leave from the night before.  After our hellos and goodbyes, we'd all retreat to the beach.  With Hurricane Earl no longer a threat, the skies were full of sun and an amazing shade of blue.  Its a good thing everyone had their Knot sunglasses!
Around two o'clock or so, cocktail hour in these parts, we'd head back to home base to bust out the Cornhole boards,  have a few Dark n Stormys and get ready for the afternoon barbecue up on the softball fields.  It was great having everyone together, all on the same page for this momentous weekend.

The thing about Weekapaug is that everyone pitches in and lends a hand.  Several times I caught myself standing and watching everyone help everyone else, all while cracking jokes and making conversation.  Whether it was helping someone carry a grill or softball gear, or tossing in a couple bucks when a wallet wasn't where it should be, everyone was willing to pitch in.  It really reminded me of my hometown, which doesn't often happen.
The barbecue, which also doubled as a fundraiser for several different charities, ended well after the sun went down - only to continue at my friend's house until well into the next morning.

We blew out the tiki torches around 10am, shared a few Knotty tales from the night before while laying in the yard and piled in the suburban like one big happy family to grab some food and go for a drive.  What followed was golf for the guys and naps and beach time for the girls…a perfect way to ease into the afternoon.

We all came together again on the deck at Weekapaug Golf Club and a lobster and steak dinner with my friend's family was planned.  While having a few sociables, we shared stories of great times back in college and great times to look forward too.  The friends I have now are the friends I'll have for life, no questions asked.  Each story ended with everyone laughing.  I'm sure you've all been there before, around a dinner table that's better than any bar in the world.  Before the plates were cleared we could hear voices of people coming up the driveway and another beer pong tournament was soon underway.  It was around 1am that the last of the lobster was polished off, the last story was told, and a sleeve of homemade cookies were devoured.

Monday was upon us and it was a toss up between tennis and the open water.  Our energy levels were slightly down and the once two dozen strong crew now had dwindled down to around seven - a perfect number to head out on the boat and do a little tubing and shark spotting.  After brunch at The Cooked Goose, we drifted off the shores of Watch Hill and scoped out gorgeous sail boats skimming in and out of different harbors.  By four o'clock, we all came to a pile on the bow of our vessel and soaked in the last rays of the day before heading to shore.

I met at least a dozen people over the weekend and definitely talked to over a dozen more.  Since then I've received a handful of emails wishing me well with Knot and thanking me for the sunglasses.  The charities raised some money, everyone smiled and laughed each day, and the stories I can't share here will be told Labor Day Weekend after Labor Day Weekend.  Thanks to all who Got Knotty and to all you beachheads who defined for me what "Weekapaug Love" really means.

- Nick